Valeting Cars and Detailing

How's Valeting Different from Detailing?

There is a significant difference between’car valeting’and ‘car detailing’that vehicle owners must understand to get great returns.

To clean the shuts and wheels, polish the paintwork or glass, and wax the bodywork is largely known as car valeting. This is an extensive cleaning process that removes contaminants from the paint that make it appear dull and feel rough. Likewise, the use of dedicated tools, accessories, and cleaners enables you to reach every nook and cranny, so your car canreturn to its fullest former glowing glory. As for the interiors, they’re vacuumed rigorously before heading in with cleaners to wet clean soiled regions. Car detailing helps maintain the market value of your car, along with giving it a new shine.

On the other hand, car detailing refers to the process of paint correction or rectification to restore the paint from scratches, blemishes, or swirl marks that may be ruining its texture. Detailing is done using a machine polisher that combines pads and abrasive polishes to remove defects, even out the surface, and polish for a flawless hologram appearance. This process is not limited to the exterior; in fact, detailing is also applicable to the interiors for minor repairs that improve the appearance of your vehicle.

What shall it be for your ride today? Hold up — why choose one when you can get the best of both worlds (i.e., valeting and detailing)? Reserve your spot for valeting cars and detailing services at Dwo Clean in London.


Valeting Cars and Detailing Services Offered by Dwo Clean

Here’s a fun story to begin with — the founder of Dwo Clean once worked as a chauffeur for multiple royal families from around the world, which lasted overten years! Driving aroundsome of the most powerful and successful people automatically translates to acing the cleaning department for super-luxury cars.

Long story short, Dwo Clean offers valeting cars and detailing services in Kensington and Chelsea, London. Our trusted for the job is Autoglym, a brand made in Great Britain for the Great British. We make use of dedicated products for bodywork, wheels, exterior, interior, and glass.  You bet we’re usingthe award-winning products with a special fibre cloth, so no speck of dust gets left behind!

Hit the Dwo Clean service page to view the services we’re offering to clean up your vehicles.

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