Soft Washing

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing ironically makes use of pressure washers, but at a much lower pressure per square inch (PSI) than that used while pressure washing. Typically, the value of the PSI is modified to less than 500 PSI for cleaning or rinsing — for the record, that’s very little pressurization. Soft washing targets the build-up of dust, dirt, mould, algae, pollen, and other decaying matter without damaging the exterior surfaces.

Got your newly constructed home looking a little dusty? Don’t DIY it! Allow Dwo Clean to wipe it all clean with soft washing services in Kensington and Chelsea, London, minus the damage.


Soft Washing Services in Kensington and Chelsea, London

At Dwo Clean, we employ the High-Pressure Cleaner HD 9/23 De for pressure washing as it offers an extraordinary 230 bar pressure for high cleaning performance. We pair this with three 1,000 Litre Reconditioned IBC – 2” Valve – Steel Pallet – Grade A and extendable lances for a limitless supply of water as we work our way through the nooks and crannies of your property. Soft washing is a lower pressure wash, so it’s hard to say it’s better than pressure washing.

The value of this bulky machinery is modified as stated above for soft washing. Moreover, the pressure washer’s tip is replaced to drop the pressure point and widen the spray. This technique breaks down dirt without stripping down protective layers of the surface. This makes our soft washing services in Kensington and Chelsea perfect for the windows, sidings, and roof.

Dwo Clean is determined to remain environmentally friendly at all times, which is why we make use of no harmful chemicals or cleaning solutions. Instead, we make the most of the cleansing sessions with the power of our ultra-modern machinery and the skills of our jet washing experts. A little tight on your budget, but in dire need of a soft washing session for the exteriors of your house? Dwo Clean puts forward financing options for exterior soft washing and cleaning services in London to help you spread the cost of cleaning.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services in Kent, London

Could your wheelie bins make use of a helping (read: cleaning) hand? Sign up for wheelie bin cleaning services for £5 per bin in Kent, London. We pressure wash and disinfect your wheelie bins to leave them spotless and germ-free.

Thanks to DWO Clean we have a patio that's summer ready. We can't wait to invite all our guests over now! 100% Recommend

Sarah JamesLondon

Wow, what a transformation! Our roof looks like it has been retiled, but with a fraction of the cost. Thank you Tom, a great job and a satisfied customer.

Jamie StonesSurrey

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Our driveway looks brand new. Thank you Tom! We can’t recommend DWO Clean enough

Jack GrahamKent

Wow, I never thought we would get our patio back, but DWO Clean have done it. Thank you so much.

Steve BoothKent