Roof Cleaning

Has your roof begun to look unsightly because of the heavy growth of living organisms? Beware, this may damage your roof over time. How about a solution to keep algae, lichen, and moss at bay for over five years? Free yourself from the worries of a leaking roof with Dwo Clean.

Let’s get to sprucing up the roof for it to look good during the summers. With roof cleaning services from Dwo Clean, you should be able to get rid of the accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, and other microorganisms from the nooks and crannies of your roof shingles.

The Biocide Treatment for Roofs in London

What’s a roof cleaning service without the biocide treatment for preventing regrowth? Living organisms accommodate on the roofs of houses in London due to warm, moist environment. This has caused moss, algae, mildew, mould, and lichen to become a nationwide issue in Kensington and Chelsea. Under some circumstances, bacteria such as the Gleocapsa Magma grow on the roof. These act like nature’s sponges on the roof to keep the roof damp for further promoting growth and acquiring a larger area. As they grow, their roots anchor into the shingles to remove granules, causing them to fracture and expose the edges. This causes roof failure years sooner than expected. These organisms decompose to break down the protective surface layering of the roof tiles. Don’t fret; these microorganisms can be treated safely with the biocide treatment from Dwo Clean to prevent them from regrowing. Unlike pressure washing, this treatment doesn’t cause roof damage. The Dwo Clean roof cleaning expert solution ensures no regrowth for up to 5 years.


Roof Cleaning Services from Dwo Clean

Dwo Clean brings roof cleaning services to Kensington and Chelsea in London. These services are unbelievably low-priced, making them profitable for just about everyone. We have dedicated service packages are schools, childcare facilities, restaurants, hospitals, and shops, which we maintain all year round. In case you’re troubled by bulk payments, Dwo Clean offers financing opportunities to enable you to spread the cost of window cleaning.

Have the wheelie bins started to smell unbearable and look miserable? It’s time to book wheelie bin cleaning services from Dwo Clean in Kent to restore your bin to its fullest former glory for as little as £5 per bin. We get the job done in a jiffy with pressure washing and disinfectant solutions that leave your wheelie bins looking as good as new.

Thanks to DWO Clean we have a patio that's summer ready. We can't wait to invite all our guests over now! 100% Recommend

Sarah JamesLondon

Wow, what a transformation! Our roof looks like it has been retiled, but with a fraction of the cost. Thank you Tom, a great job and a satisfied customer.

Jamie StonesSurrey

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Our driveway looks brand new. Thank you Tom! We can’t recommend DWO Clean enough

Jack GrahamKent

Wow, I never thought we would get our patio back, but DWO Clean have done it. Thank you so much.

Steve BoothKent