Power Washing

Pressure washing and power washing are used interchangeably, while they are, in fact, two very different processes. The primary difference is how they clean the surface. Power washers are highly effective on oily and greasy surfaces. Here’s the T on power washing:

What is Power Washing?

Power washers generate heat into the water to use heated water from the high-pressure hose to melt away dirt, stains, moss, and algae. The heat kills the mould and moss to prevent them from recurring on the spot. The force at which the nasties are blown off the surface depends on the machine in use. The jet washing experts at Dwo Clean make use of the High-Pressure Cleaner HD 9/23 De to move away from any blotches that may be covering the surface at an extraordinary 230 bar pressure for high cleaning performance.

The heavy-duty power washer comes in handy for wide-scale areas with extreme build-up, making the surface slippery. It’s critical to consider the size of the area as well as the type of the area — remember that power washers must only be used on hard surfaces that can withstand heat and pressure. Avoid power washing anything that has been painted, asphalt roofing, stained wood, and laminar sandstone as the heated and pressured water are capable of washing it all away!

Using a power washer effectively takes into account the ideal temperature required to clean the material and utilising the high-pressure water flow without having to pay high bills to fix the damage. For this reason, the power washing job is best left to professional cleaners.


Power Washing Services at Dwo Clean

Dwo Clean’s power washing services can be utilised in cafes, pubs, restaurants, or shops in the Kensington and Chelsea area in London. Allow us to power wash your troubles away.

Dwo Clean offers power washing services to maintain play areas of parks, schools, childcare facilities, hospitals, restaurants, shops, and offices. There’s also a bundle of financing options for power washing residential and commercial localities Kensington and Chelsea, so you can spread the cost of cleaning.

How about restoring your wheelie bin to its fullest former glory? Book services for wheelie bin cleaning for £5 per bin. This contactless service is inclusive of pressure washing and disinfection.

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