Patio Cleaning

Constructed at the back of the house, this outdoor space is susceptible to the accumulation of dirt, dust, debris, and other nasties. Or, in case your patio was being used as a storeroom during the construction of your house, it’s likely to be piled up with tough stains that your hands dread (think scrubbing the floor with a brush). Your patio could be made of pea gravel, concrete, brick, or store, but unless it’s cared for adequately, you’d be putting money down the drain.

Give your patio a fresh look without the agony of an aching hand, with professional patio cleaning services in Kensington and Chelsea, London from Dwo Clean that extends the lifespan of all patio materials.

Get Your Patio Cleaning Sorted

Never fear, Dwo Clean is here! For pressure washing, we use the High-Pressure Cleaner HD 9/23 De machine, powered by diesel to offer a 230 bar pressure for ultrahigh cleaning performance. Our jet washing experts have geared up to tidy your outdoor space for the summers with spotless finishes and 100 per cent colour restoration. They’ve been trained to make use of the right pressure and flow, as per the patio material, to blast away dirt, mould, mildew as well as algae.

In case you’re a little tight on budget, Dwo Clean offers financing in London, enabling you to spread the cost of patio cleaning. We remain environmentally friendly at all times as we eliminate the use of nasty chemicals and swipe it all out with just water.

Have you seen our patio cleaning video by our jet washing experts? They’re so satisfying, they’ve gotten Dwo Clean to trend on social media. We also offer solutions to keep algae, lichen, and moss at bay for over five years!


Additional Services from Dwo Clean in London

How about sealing the patio after an extensive clean-up session?  Water seeping into the tiles freezes and expands during the wintery season, causing the flowing to crack. Concrete sealing can help protect your tiles or concrete from cracking. At Dwo Clean, we use Thompson’s One Coat Patio & Block Paving Seal for maintaining play areas of parks, schools, childcare facilities, restaurants, hospitals, and shops all year round against stains.

Why stop at the patio when you can get the rest of your real estate property cleaned at 20 per cent off?

Thanks to DWO Clean we have a patio that's summer ready. We can't wait to invite all our guests over now! 100% Recommend

Sarah JamesLondon

Wow, what a transformation! Our roof looks like it has been retiled, but with a fraction of the cost. Thank you Tom, a great job and a satisfied customer.

Jamie StonesSurrey

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Our driveway looks brand new. Thank you Tom! We can’t recommend DWO Clean enough

Jack GrahamKent

Wow, I never thought we would get our patio back, but DWO Clean have done it. Thank you so much.

Steve BoothKent