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Pressure Washing

Will you need access to an outside electric socket?

As we use commercial grade petrol powered pressure washers, it is unlikely we are going to use an outside socket.

Are your machines more powerful than my store brand washers?

Absolutely! We use pressure washers that are significantly more powerful than your standard domestic electric jet washer. These machines are built for continuous use. They’re made to produce much more focused cleaning power. 2 key factors to consider are the rate of water flow and the power behind the machine, which we measure in horsepower, PSI, bar ratings and watts (electric only)

The water flow from our pressure washers flow at a rate 2 or 3 times higher than the best domestic washers – producing 4000 PSI. This is estimated to be the equivalent of 275 bar which is more than double the power of a Karcher K4. Exceeding 100 bar more than the K range machines. Another way of saying this is the powerful machines we use provide a superior service than any domestic washer could ever achieve.

Will you require access to an outside tap?

If an outside tap is available then we will offer two quotations. One for the use of your tap and one for the us of our water storage tanks. It is then up to you which method is preferred for the cleaning job required.

Does bad weather prevent your machines from working?

We still perform power washing services on rainy days as it does not affect the quality of cleaning.

Soft Washing

Which cleaning products do you use?

Our experts work with specifically designed soft washing products for professional use.

Are your products eco friendly and safe for pets and people?

We make sure to exclude people and pets while applying anything hazardous. Touching and walking will be completely safe for children, pets and other wildlife when completely dried. All of our products are also biodegradable.

Are algae, lichen and moss removed from soft washing?

Yes they are. All types of biological spores and staining, including black, green or red algae, black lichen spots, moss and mould are removed from our professionally designed soft washing techniques.

Is the black staining algae or dirt?

Most dark stains, common on building exteriors, rendered walls, brickwork and roof tiles is generally algae. It tends to look like dirty marks but is infact a certain species of algae. This is very common in the UK and will require a specialist to assist in removing it.

Is soft washing better at remove algae stains?

Yes, because pressure washing only removes surface dirt it’s not as effective. The soft wash will instead absorb the surface of porous materials like render, brick and roof tiles. This then kills the algae spores that lurk underneath the surface, preventing recolonisation.